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Integrative Physiotherapy

We believe in a comprehensive approach to healing, including when it comes to treating pain, stiffness, and injuries. Integrative Physiotherapy is a testament to this belief, offering a holistic lens to rehabilitation. This treatment modality not only attends to the specific injury site, akin to traditional physiotherapy, but also recognises the intricate interconnectedness of the body, treating it as a harmonious whole.

By tapping into various body systems, including the Brain (via the Vagus Nerve), Nervous, Lymphatic, Vascular, Gut, Organs, and Musculoskeletal systems, Integrative Physiotherapy provides a unique perspective on wellness. This integrated method not only addresses the direct symptoms but also unearths and resolves underlying causes, ensuring lasting relief and optimal body functionality.

Concerns Addressed:

  • Headaches and migraines
  • Neck pain and back pain, with or without neurological symptoms
  • Sacroiliac and pelvic dysfunction
  • Lymphatic issues: Facial puffiness, body and abdominal swelling or bloating
  • Delayed injury healing
  • Disrupted sleep patterns and low energy levels
  • Stress and trauma-related conditions
  • Low vagal tone

Our Specialist:

Emily Korn: With her expertise in employing a multi-system approach, Emily seamlessly blends conventional physiotherapy techniques with integrative methods, offering clients a holistic path to recovery and well-being.

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