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Neonatal Paediatrics

At Be Kids Therapy, we recognise the profound importance of the early stages of life. Neonatal paediatrics focuses on the care of newborn babies, especially those with unique medical needs or health challenges. From premature babies to infants with feeding and settling issues, this special branch of medicine ensures that your little one gets the best possible start. Dr Danielle Freeman, our incredible neonatal paediatrician, brings a wealth of expertise and a gentle touch, ensuring that both babies and their families receive holistic care and support during this crucial phase.

From the initial days to the many milestones ahead, Dr Danielle Freeman ensures that your little one is nurtured with personalised, expert care, understanding the unique needs of each baby and extending her support to the entire family.

Concerns Addressed:

  • New patients up to one year of age, referred by a GP or obstetrician
  • Routine checks for well babies
  • Babies with feeding and settling issues
  • Babies with medical problems who require ongoing follow up
  • Premature babies who require ongoing follow up
  • Assessment of tongue tie 
  • Antenatal consultations for expecting parents if a problem is identified during the pregnancy

Our specialist:

  • Dr Danielle Freeman: An esteemed Neonatal Paediatrician with a rich history, spanning roles in neonatal intensive care to working with the Newborn Emergency Transport Service.

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