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Speech Pathology

At Be Kids Therapy, we understand that the power of speech and language goes beyond words. It’s a gateway to connection, understanding, and expression. Our speech pathology services are dedicated to enhancing every child’s ability to communicate, from addressing specific speech and language challenges to nurturing overall language development. With our team of skilled professionals, children from infancy through to adolescence find support for a range of emotional, behavioural, developmental, and learning concerns, ensuring they’re empowered to articulate their thoughts, emotions, and ideas.

Empowering your child’s journey with communication is at the heart of what we do. Trust our team of dedicated speech pathologists to guide you and your child towards a future filled with clearer, more confident communication.

Concerns addressed:

  • Speech production and pronunciation difficulties
  • Challenges with vocabulary or finding the right words
  • Difficulty following instructions or understanding language
  • Stuttering or hesitations during speech
  • Social communication challenges
  • Orofacial myology disorders, including tongue thrust
  • Literacy challenges, including dyslexia
  • Difficulties in expressing thoughts or feelings

Our speech pathology specialists:

  • Hema Desai: Focuses on primary school students with dyslexia. Provides support for literacy skills development, utilising tools like the Sounds-Write Programme. Assists with phonological awareness, reading skills, handwriting, and written composition.

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