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Rochelle Ashkenazi

Speech Pathologist

Rochelle Ashkenazi’s journey in speech pathology began at the University of Melbourne, earning both her Bachelor of Science with a major in Psychology and a Master of Speech Pathology. At the heart of her practice is a genuine desire to support individuals, especially pre-school and school-aged children, to achieve improved communication and confidence. Rochelle’s specialisation in stuttering therapy is complemented by her broader expertise in articulation and phonological disorders, as well as orofacial myology disorders.

Her approach is always tailored and collaborative, placing importance on working closely with families, educators, and other therapists to provide well-rounded care. Beyond her clinic-based services, Rochelle offers telehealth consultations, extending her support to rural and international communities. As a fluent Russian speaker, she also ensures her services are inclusive to families from diverse backgrounds.

Rochelle is also a member of the Victorian branch of Speech Pathology Australia as well as the Stuttering Interest Group for Speech Pathologists.

Key expertise

  • Speech Pathology assessment and intervention for children and adults
  • Paediatric, adolescent, and adulthood stuttering, including the Lidcombe program
  • Speech sounds disorder – articulation disorders & phonological disorders 
  • Orofacial myology disorders, particularly tongue thrust
  • Pragmatic assessments and pragmatic language therapy for children in upper primary school and high school

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